Strategy Consultant

Stan Temminck

In my function as Strategy Consultant, I primarily focus on the back-end of the company. Behind the scenes, I offer support with company processes linked to strategy, finance, sales, and marketing. This makes it so I am connected with all parts of the organisation allowing me to quickly rotate to where support is needed.

On projects, I primarily focus on communication and conversions.

Stan Temminck

In 2019 I finished my Bsc in Business administration at the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This year I am finishing up my Thesis here for my Msc in Strategic Management.

I like the work at Viperty because of the challenges of growing a start-up to conquer our place in the market. It is nice to work on this and to quickly see the results of actions I undertook.

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✓  Synergy Management

✓  Proces optimalisation

✓  Platfor economy administration

✓  Growth strategy

✓  Brand exposure

✓  Leadership

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Stan Temminck