From strategic advice to practical scenarios. Information planning, business architecture, developing a vision and clarifying the needs. Only when the question is clear can a suitable answer be found!

Sustainable solutions that offer added value for your organization

Viperty supports organisations, management teams and departments in optimizing strategy, quality, results, processes and business operations by means of a results-oriented and practical approach. Do not do more than is necessary and ensure that maximum control remains with the client. Viperty always strives for sustainable solutions that offer added value for your organization as a whole. In these situations, Viperty and the organization ensure that a joint vision of the improvements is first created, the needs are defined sharply enough, the business case becomes clear and commitment is created for a follow-up. Lessons from the past are mentioned and involved. From there, a targeted search can be made for the best solution and - if necessary - for parties and products that can realize the desired improvements.




Contribution Viperty

The contribution that Viperty makes is that of a researcher, connector and advisor, who, based on knowledge of comparable organizations and knowing what is available in the market, creates an overview and gets the question sharp. This can be of a business unit or of an entire organization. And this through a request combines with the best from the offer. Complementary to what the organization itself has in terms of knowledge and expertise, we then help if desired and pull or push where necessary to get it done.


  • Guidance of board and management teams
  • Assessments and team building
  • Support strategy and vision development
  • Forming partnerships and merger guidance.
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Operations consulting

To gain and maintain competitive advantage, it is necessary to keep your strategy and business model up-to-date. This makes you agile and flexible, so that your organization can quickly respond and anticipate new developments. Your value chain is the engine for turnover growth. Viperty is happy to help you realize revenue growth from your value chain. With expertise in sourcing, procurement, production, warehousing, planning and distribution, you can transform your new strategy into an appropriate and up-to-date business model.




Process excellence

Your business processes simpler, better, cheaper and faster. By making difficult things simple, Viperty helps you to achieve tangible financial and operational results: better, faster and cheaper processes. Of course, this does not forget the behavior of your people and helping them to change, because that is crucial for lasting results.

Some examples where Viperty  can support:

- Analysis of current operational processes (IST situation).
- Mapping out the desired operational  situation including associated business processes (SOLL situation).
- Structural monitoring and management of your business processes.
- Reduction of operational costs.
- Improvement or restructuring of processes (simpler, better, cheaper and faster).