Jos van Capelleveen

I am the owner and creator of Viperty. I created Viperty out of a vision to challenge the current status quo in the consultancy world. I want to establish a firm where we have a healthy work-life balance instead of the workweeks consulting is known for. We aim to reach Next Level Consulting and are slowly getting there. Our vision is to actually add value for our customers instead of saying what people want to hear.

On projects, I also work from this vision. I like to get everyone aligned on what needs to be done, and then get going. Efficiency is key, this makes sure we reach our goals and do it with as little cost to our customer as possible, with clear communication lines.


I like my work at Viperty as we are reaching our goals, one at a time. It is really energizing to work on getting a start-up going and capturing our place in the market. Staying true to ourselves is always a challenge, but one we are currently managing very well. I wake up every day ready to tackle our obstacles to make sure Viperty becomes the success I envisioned.

Viperty teampage Hanno

The key to a successful project, is getting a whole organisation aligned with the goals

Jos van Capelleveen: Company Owner


✓  Project management

✓  Entrepreneur

✓  Dynamics 365

✓  Business Consultant


✓  Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Mechanical Engineering at Hogeschool Utrecht

✓  Master of Science (MSc), Management Sciences at Open Univisiteit


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T: +31 (0)6 15 83 91 13