Change Consultant – Projectmanager

Henk Meerlo

Henk is a real people person. He is open-minded and leaves room for other opinions. Reliability is of paramount importance to Henk. He thinks it is very important to first build a relationship with someone, before putting on a performance. He likes profound changes, changes where he gets very close to people. He likes to find out what inspires people, their qualities and what motivates them. By getting close to people and solving deep-seated problems, Henk knows how to manage radical changes within organizations. Henk has 17 years of experience in consultancy assignments. He has led various implementations of various ERP systems, both as an ERP consultant and internal project manager. He trained as a mechanical engineer at the higher technical school in Dordrecht.


After this, Henk started at RDM technologies, where he held various positions for 12 years. At RDM he was mainly responsible for the system and detailed design of the propulsion for submarines. Henk then started working as Head of Engineering and Head of Logistics at Van Riet Internal Transport Systems. In addition to these positions, Henk decided he wanted to develop further and took a number of courses in consultancy, sales, business economics, insight and influence, design, logistics and technical management of product changes. With this new knowledge and accumulated experience, he started working as a senior product consultant for change in shipbuilding, machine construction and ICT company. After this Henk decided with a number of good relations to set up LSI. At LSI he held positions such as senior consultant, scrum master, change expert, project leader and program manager. With DVB-consulting, Henk can also be used for the latter functions. Henk has joined DVB-consulting because he believes that he can contribute to the growth and development of customers within DVB with his wealth of experience in the metal world. He sees DVB as a party that adds value to companies in the metal world and he would like to be part of that. He distinguishes himself from his colleagues at DVB in creating involvement. He is a go-getter and ensures that people hook up and keep holding on. That is why Henk thinks it is so important to build good relationships with the people around him. His favorite quote comes from Steven Covey: “First learn to understand and then be understood”. He thinks it is important that people can explain their own point of view before giving his own opinion on the subject. Henk really enjoys his work when cooperation in a project runs smoothly and is appreciated when people create something beautiful together. Henk spends his free time cycling, hiking and reading. His wife also runs a clothing bank for people who are less fortunate. He is responsible for sponsoring, finances and contacts with municipal authorities.


The key to a successful project, is getting a whole organisation aligned with the goals

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