Consultant – Projectmanager

Guy Janssens

Guy is creative, a go-getter, meticulous and a real team player. Guy has work experience in many different areas. After his training as Business Administration at Eindhoven University of Technology, he started at DSM as an information consultant, where he grew into a project leader. After this he gave a different direction to his life and completed his training in physiotherapy. He then worked for several years as a physiotherapist. He certainly took satisfaction from this work, but still chose to partially return to business. As a result, in addition to physiotherapy, he also started working at Licom (a large WSW organization) as an information advisor. Since 2001 Guy has been associated with the Open University as a lecturer, project leader and researcher. In the end he dropped out of physiotherapy because it was too difficult to combine with his teaching position at the OU. As a university lecturer he is specialized in the implementation of ERP systems (theoretical and practical) and project management. He has a PhD in the field of the complexity of ERP implementations. Guy has, among other things, joined the DVB consulting team because of the diversity of assignments in which he can express his creativity well. You could describe him as the scientific creative of the team. He gets a lot of satisfaction from his work when he can stimulate people to new creative insights. For example, he gives workshops in Visual Facilitation, in which people try to improve communication (eg presentations) by means of visualization.


In addition to the variety of assignments, he can greatly appreciate the fact that at DVB consulting people do not only approach assignments in a businesslike way, but also look at the human side and the individuals within a company. Guy can be used well for complex assignments, where many angles must be taken into account. Because he is used to thinking and communicating at different levels of abstraction, he can quickly get to the essence of problems and solve them methodically together with a customer. Of course, due to his teaching position at the Open University and his skills in visual communication, he is well able to clearly communicate important information to individuals and groups. In addition, he speaks the language of various fields: business, healthcare, education and science. He can think along with strategy formation, but also practically ensure that knowledge in a company is effectively transferred to groups of people. Outside of work, Guy likes to play sports, dance and paint (both on the computer and on canvas).


The key to a successful project, is getting a whole organisation aligned with the goals

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