6 trends with a major impact on your business processes

6 trends with a major impact on your business processes

Viperty has had the good fortune of assisting and advising various companies over the past few months. A fun part of what we do is identifying trends. Here are the trends that we encountered over the past year:

  1. Web portals (communication in the chain) are in the ascendancy: 
    The exchange of chain information, including information on orders, planning and progress.
  2. B2B e-commerce is growing rapidly: 
    The B2B e-commerce market is experiencing significant growth, as more and more businesses are making online purchases. 52% of all business buyers expect to be making at least half of their purchases online within 2 years.
  3. Logistical connections deserve attention: 

    A key point in B2B e-commerce is that the logistical connection between the online store, warehouse, transporter and customer must be flawless.
  4. Mobile first: 
    The study conducted by Google and Millward Brown shows that 42% of all B2B buyers use their smartphone for research, representing a growth of no less than 91% (!) compared to the past two years.
  5. B2B sales are changing: 
    Advanced analysis and intelligent software provide sales management with enormous amounts of data that can be used to predict sales opportunities. Rapidly growing companies use advanced analysis to accelerate growth whilst keeping their cost structures more or less the same.
  6. Integrated Marketing and Sales: 
    A customer journey to optimize engagement, analysis and scoring to identify lead quality and talented people to implement all these new developments. That is what companies will need in 2019. And, last but not least, on-the-job practice with good coaches who can support marketeers as they learn this new profession.


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