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Every company deserves 
on-demand assistance

Viperty strives to become a 100% online service. Viperty wants to be a role model for other consultancy companies and is hoping to bring about change in the consultancy business that will benefit everyone in the industry. Viperty wants to prove that it can be done differently and that everyone can benefit from a better work-life balance in this industry.

Viperty works with a team of passionate professionals who believe in innovation and reliability.

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Why Viperty was founded

The world is changing! Dynamism is the magic word. People are expecting greater flexibility and are becoming less willing to wait for assistance, and more and more companies are starting to listen to what their customers want. But who will meet the wishes of these companies? IT organizations and consultancy firms are often large, sluggish companies with huge overheads and a distinct lack of flexibility. Viperty wants to change that!

If companies want to have and keep value, they will have to change. Viperty is here to help. At Viperty B.V. our added value lies in our people: our community is the core of the organization.

In a world where everything is rapidly being digitized and automated, Viperty B.V. is a distinctive sparring partner, offering accessible, automated consultancy and on-demand assistance.

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“Our Viperty professionals will help you like a genie in a bottle”

Jos van Capelleveen, founder Viperty

Viperty Consultants

Viperty Consultants - we'd like to call them our VIP's - are high-energy professionals with a startup mentality. Viperty is looking for growth, development and challenges. For ourselves and for our customers. We are a forerunner in combining strategy, innovation and technology. Viperty quickly connects customers with online questions to the right professionals or provides semi-automated answers. As we have a team of specialists that fills us with pride, we can guarantee that you are connected to the right person. They are passionate about their work, will do whatever it takes to help their customers and will always continue to ask challenging, enticing questions.